What is penis shrinkage and how it happens?

What is Penis Shrinkage?

Penis shrinkage is a considerable decrease in the size of penis which can be permanent or temporary depending on the lifestyle conditions. The great news is that this is treatable and need not to be worried about. The size of the penis varies from person to person and has nothing to do with race, caste or creed. 

penis shrinkage

It depends on the natural structure; however, many men think that they have considerably larger penis while other feel they have normal or small penis. This depends on the liking or desire of the size of the penis.

Men who are actually not satisfied with their penis size continuously look for many ways to increase the same. Some factors can include age or any disease which causes penis shrinkage. 

Now, lets have a look on the factors which affect penis to shrink: 


As men age, the fat stores develop in the courses causing diminished blood stream to the penis. This outcomes in the muscle cells in the erectile tubes inside the penis getting more fragile.

age affecting sexual health

The erectile tubes produce erections when they are engorged with blood, so less blood stream implies more modest or less firm erections. Another conceivable explanation behind penis shrinkage is a development of scar tissue brought about by long stretches of little wounds from sex and sports.

This amassing of scar tissue influences the supple erectile tissues of the penis, causes penis shrinkage, and cut off points erection size.

Peyronie’s disease

In this disease, fibrous scar tissues are developed inside the penis which causes the penis to curve during erection. Curved erection is not a reason to worry about however, this bend can cause huge pain in penis.

peyronie disease

It is conceivable that more men have this condition however have not detailed it to their primary care physicians because of humiliation. While Peyronie’s creates with age, it has been found in men as youthful as 30. Peyronie’s can cause a decrease long and circuit of a man’s penis.

Here and there, Peyronie’s disappears all alone; more often than not, nonetheless, it will either remain the equivalent or deteriorate.

Specialists will possibly consider treatment if the twist is excruciating or forestalls sex. Medical procedure should be possible to eliminate scar tissue causing the shrinkage, bowing, or agony.


Weight gain or obesity is one of the main causes of shrinkage of penis. This concern grows as the men age. Notwithstanding, a man’s penis may seem more modest with weight pick up, it has not contracted.

Obesity and erectile dysfunction

The explanation it looks more modest is that the penis is appended to the stomach divider, and when paunch grows, it pulls the penis internal. On the off chance that a man gets thinner, his penis will recover its typical shape and size.

Prostate surgery: 

It has been often observed that the men who have undergone any kind of cancerous prostate gland removal surgery have penis shrinkage complains. However, analysts don’t exactly have a clue why shrinkage happens after an extreme prostatectomy.

prostate surgery for men

A few specialists figure it very well may be identified with the urethral cylinder, which interfaces with the urinary bladder, shortening during the prostatectomy.


As we all know smoking is a health hazard and there are various side effects of smoking, and is one of the major reasons for shrieked penis. Synthetic substances from cigarette smoking can harm the veins in the penis, keeping the penis from loading up with blood and extending.

Effects of smoking on mens health

Despite the improvements and the impact on the mind, if the veins are harmed, the penis won’t accomplish an erection. The consequences of the examination discovered smokers had more limited erect penises contrasted with men who didn’t smoke.

Analysts accept this is on the grounds that smoking hinders blood stream, keeping the penis from extending, which may lessen penis length.


sex pills for men

If you are experiencing penis shrinking issues, this could be one of the reasons. Some medication can cause penis shrinkage. Medications such as antidepressants and antipsychotics can cause penis shrinkage issues. You probably would like to check on your doctor if you are facing such issues since long. 

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