What Does The Erectile Dysfunction Affect The Males?

By this sexual dysfunction the male have to face sexual difficulties while having sex, this sort of disorder may be treatable but it may take a long time. Erectile dysfunction or impotence may affect the male with both emotionally and medically, some researches have shown that only 20% of the erectile dysfunction is in the mind, 80% or so may be physical. The penis really is the dipstick for the male sexual health without any question at all.

Erectile Dysfunction Affect the malesIf it’s not working s it may be the physical health issue. Erectile dysfunction may mean that there may be the issue with the flow of blood into the penis, or the blood may flow quickly out of the penis. Many times nerves damage caused by other nerve problems may affect the nerves connected to the penis and causing problems in sensation.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is the common sexual disorders in the males of all the ages. It is the misunderstanding that only affects a man’s readiness for the sex, or his ability to get an erection. Men with the erectile dysfunction may also find it difficult to maintain an erection and experience decreasing in the libido. It often affects the man on multiple levels, including the negatively impacting the self-confidence and causing problems in his relationships, and decreasing both sexual satisfaction and sexual drive for both of the partners.

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It may the result of the various health issues, especially ones that affect the circulatory system, such as the elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, clogged blood vessels as well as the endocrine diseases, for example thyroid disorder. Some of the other thing that may cause the impotence or the erectile dysfunction such as the mental illness, Stress, neurological disorders certain medications, and some lifestyle factors such as drug use, smoking or the consumption of alcohol, especially in excess.

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