Some Secrets About Sex and Human

Discussing about sex is avoided by every person even they have sex yet they feel embarrass talking about it.

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In this article I m going to tell you about the some surprising secrets about sex and human which will uncertainly help you to know more about your sexual partner whether he or she is male or female  .

Read carefully these amazing points which would amaze your brain and you will find out something new which have never heard by you.

Being goal oriented for fulfilling your sexual desire may frustrate your partner because sex is considered as the most enjoyable way for expressing your love.

man and woman loving each other

Although most of the people just want to have sex for sexually satisfaction therefore have romance during having sex is the another way for joyful sex.

Especially women want their men to be romantic during sex henceforth men can attract their lady through their romantic mood.

One thing you can do for creating romantic situations in front of your partner is kissing while having sex. Yes you heard it right!

Kissing is one of the similar sexual desires which are wanted by every person and sex with will it more romantic. 

  • “Penis size is nothing for having better sex”

According to many sexologists themselves revealed that penis size of the men doesn’t matter for sexually satisfaction.

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Whereas females want their men with the big dick with stimulation which is only a misapprehension because there is no uncertainty that a man with the big penis can provide sexual satisfaction and benefits during sex than a small dick men but both the term doesn’t describe sexual satisfaction.

The thing which matters is penis stimulation which is found in both of these size penises.

Therefore men want to share their misapprehension about the size but actually these are misconceptions of the female’s mind which must known by everyone.

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  • Try to know her nature!

Understanding women’s mind is such a difficult task for every one especially men because every women are born with the uniqueness.   Isn’t it friends!

Making sure before having sex that you are doing what kind of sexual desire she has. Since if she doesn’t like your sexual activity even the sexy talks she may push you away from her.

For better sex men need to do what she like and in which she get more sexually satisfied. Every woman can’t refuse their men for touching their sexual organ especially the vagina of the females.  This is one of the unheard sexual secrets of men everyone must know about. 

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  • One minute is enough for him!

Off course one minute being prepare for sex is enough for the men because most of the men don’t take time for it. It has been revealed by survey that both married and unmarried men easily make the desire of sex in their body.

Males may bring women to sexual desires but the thing is that how much time she might take.

Let me tell you the myth that the answers for this question is different for each and every women because all the females have the unique level of getting orgasm. Whereas males follow many tips for making their lady please for having sex therefore it has been included in the top secrets of sex.

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  • One night stand

First experienced of sex after the marriage is known as one night stand which is known by everyone but making sure that people especially women have lost their libido for having after the one night stand.

There are millions of the females who have experienced such condition including losing their virginity and they claimed that it’s not a big deal for them.

Having sex more often within a night can make the lack of sexual libido in females because some cases have shown in which the all the women told the same thing that was painful erection.

That’s the reason men should keep in their mind that females are not sexually objects and must be treated as the human not sexual satisfaction objects.

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Sex and human has the deepest relationship between each other what you have gotten after this whole blog.

These above given must be known by both men and women because those secrets about the sex will help you to have better sex

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Although people have numerous misconceptions that sex may create many difficulties but let me know you that having sex is the brilliant activity as well as exercise for the couples who want their sexual health balanced. These are all the secrets which men and women and hide from peoples even themselves as well.

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