Is there any side effect of masturbation?

Do you know about masturbation? Almost every guy has done masturbation in various aspects. Both men and women do masturbation however, observations done by the experts claims that men are more likely to have done masturbation than women.

According to the statistics and reports of surveys revealed that more than 85% of men in all over the world do masturbation helps them to get sexual satisfaction. You must to amazed to know that males may have many side effects of masturbation but the women doesn’t.

When it comes to the effects of doing masturbation on human body functions, it gets more complicated and misleading as well.

Men often asks that Does masturbation may shrink their penis size?

Sexologists also say that they have not seen a sole case of sexual dysfunctions as well as small penis where there was no history of masturbation. They also claims that Men who regularly do the masturbation often buy penis enlargement medicines and other male enhancement treatment.

Therefore, Friends i am here to know more about physical and psychological of masturbation and can doing masturbation really shrink your penis with many side effects or it’s hype?

So Read carefully this whole article to get truth about masturbation and how does it required male enhancement?

What is masturbation and  why men do it?

How much do you about this sexual activity?

Most of people think that doing masturbation is nothing except of stimulating your genitals.

Whereas “the science says that masturbation is such kind of activity which may provide both psychological and sexual satisfaction by the stimulating the genitals”  It’s the major cause why your efforts to leave masturbation is going to be fail.

Let’s know why people love to have masturbation more often? People literally do masturbation to fulfill their desire and sexual requirements if they don’t have sexual partner to perform and due to many aspects. In some cases people prefer this sexual activity out of fantasy imagining a sexual partner they can’t access to.

There are various kind ways in which people can masturbate and I have come to know several interesting and innovative ideas which have been invented by the people to make this natural phenomenon more enjoyable. Basically the people use their hands, sex toys and finger but some of men rub their penis over the mattress that lies between the two mattresses on a double bed.

Doing masturbation causes any side effects or not?

As i have said earlier that having masturbation may have many side effects. However, there are many sites over internet published the health benefits of having masturbation which is not scientifically proven and may harmful in many aspects.

Men often think that their penis shrinkage might be the results of masturbation which surely true is still a question.  Let’s know penis shrinkage can be caused by the masturbation or not.

Does doing masturbation cause penis shrinkage?

Sexual professionals says that they have not seen a sole cases with penis shrinkage where the patient has no past of masturbation.

In other words, the men who masturbate more often would definitely have issue of penis shrinkage. More than 80% of men who masturbate demand penis enlargement treatment with no side effects.

Therefore, there is no hesitancy that having masturbation more often may cause reduce human penile size ( Length + Girth).

There is an ayurvedic proven statement (the ancient form of indian treatment which is based over book of ayurveda)  that having maturbation can cause your penile small since attaining sexual satisfaction cause the vata dosha which can consume the body of shukra dhatu and after long days it sustains sexual stamina and energy level as well.

Preventing penis enlargement

  • Penis enlargement pills (Take our scientifically proven herbal sex enhancement medicine The HERBAL ERECT ON which contains no side effects… For more information consult with our physician without any charges).
  • Enlargement surgery
  • Healthy diet for increasing penis size
  • Visit to sexual professionals(Physicians)

Another side effects of Doing masturbation

Apart from reducing penis size, it may causes various kind of side effects in your body. Whereas you may find many article and blogs published over sites mention that doing masturbation may cause many health benefits which is not still not supported by science.

Rather it causes numerous side effects which are given here. So, have a look to these side effects of masturbation are as follows :-

  • Masturbation doesn’t have any kind of benefits as the sex does.
  • Doing masturbation more often may reduce secretion of sperms.
  • Natural erection can not be achieved through masturbation.
  • Literally the male may experience pain in their testicles and chambers of penile.
  • It may cause stress and anxiety.
  • More often sex increases sex whereas masturbation reverse this process.


Therefore, try to reduce habit of doing masturbation which has also been proven by the experts. With various side effects masturbation also cause shrink in your penis. So, you may also try our Ayurvedic sex power medicines THE HERBAL ERECT-On  which doesn’t have any kind of side effects and it contains natural rejuvenation which can increase permanently increase your penis size.

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