How to Live Healthy Sexual Life?

As much as our health is important, we also need to take care of sexual life. If we think that health is important and not health in terms of sexual life, we are completely wrong.

healthy sex life

This is also one of the most important part of life actually a phase of life where you need this basically. So, it is very important to take care of our sexual life as much as we take care of our health and other things. 

What is Sex?

Sex is something which helps us fight many diseases, it is actually a chemical phenomenon in our body which is required to be processed. If we are not sexually healthy our body leads to lower immune system.

What is sex

Now, lets have a look to what are the things or what are the aspects in which sexual health plays an important role:

  • It helps fight us from Cold and Flu – People who have sex couple of times a week, are said to have higher amounts of antibodies which help fight us from cold and flu and of course other diseases. 
  • It helps burn calories – Sex expands blood stream and gets your heart siphoning. Basically, sex is a type of activity, and its better time than running laps.
  • Helps reduce heart diseases – Various examinations have indicated that a functioning sexual coexistence is firmly corresponded with a more extended life. In particular, it seems like sex may bring down the danger for coronary episodes, strokes, and other heart maladies.
  • Helps regulate hormones – a healthy hormone profile promotes regular menstrual cycles and decreases negative menopause symptoms.
  • It cures headaches and reduces body pain – It is scientifically proven that people who regularly indulge in sex get quite active and face less headaches and body pain. 
  • Also reduces stress levels and blood pressure – It additionally causes you rest better. At the point when your accomplice turns over and begins wheezing after a decent session in the bed, it’s not simply from physical depletion. Oxytocin quiets you down, however it additionally explicitly advances rest.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer – A comparable report played out a year later by the National Cancer Institute indicated that men who discharged at any rate five times each week, regardless of whether through sex or masturbation, were more averse to get prostate disease.
  • It also reduces the risk of breast cancer – Studies have proved that people who have regular sex have less chances of breast cancer. 
  • It boosts self esteem – The mental advantages of a sound sexual coexistence are many. The sentiment of strolling around happy to the point bursting after sex endures longer than you might suspect. Individuals who are explicitly dynamic are more averse to have alexithymia. This is a character attribute described by the failure to communicate or get feelings.
  • It also helps improves mood– People who often suffer from mood swings and feel in the state of depression and anxiety, they have less chances to fall in this trap when having involved in regular sex. 
  • Improves sense of smell – You might wonder how is that done, but yes, its true people who have regular sex, the stem cells tend to improve in them. 
  • It increases bladder control – The pelvic pushing engaged with sex practices the Kegel muscles. These are similar arrangement of muscles that controls pee stream. So, bunches of sex presently may help forestall the beginning of incontinence later.

So, these are some benefits of having sex, you might have not known these earlier but now that you know it, you understand how important it is to have a healthy sexual life.

Tips for sexual health

The question arises, How? How can you really live a healthy sexual life? Let’s have a look: 

  • Eating healthy – It’s very important indulge a lot in fruits and vegetables to maintain your weight and keep healthy. The vitamins and minerals help vitalizes the body. 
  • Smoking – You need to totally quit smoking; it reduces the vitality of the body and affects the blood flow in the body. 
  • Say no to alcohol – As much as smoking is harmful, similarly alcohol is also harmful. It decreases the blood flow to other body parts.

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