How to find out the bad sexual health with basic 5 symptoms?

Are you confused about bad sexual health? Then here you will get a clear idea about 5 Symptoms of Bad Sexual health. This will be more helpful for alert yourself and it is the curable one when you are getting the immediate treatment for it otherwise it will lead to danger. 


  1. Short time ejection
  2. Bleeding in the ejection time
  3. Rashes or bumps on the sexual part
  4. Severely bent penis
  5. Tiredness

These are all the five main symptoms of bad sexual health and it can be cured by some exercise and medicines. 

1 Short time ejection

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A short time ejection is the commonly happens one and surely it will unsatisfied your lovable one. This kind of problem will lead to misunderstanding so that it is better to get the treatment for this ejection problem.      

2 bleeding in the ejection problem

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This is one of the dangerous condition and it will decrease the activity of your penis. It will give severe pain at the ejection time and you will lose interest in a sexual relationship.  

3 rashes or bumps on the sexual part

This is a kind of transfer disease and it just indicates that something wrong in your private part. If you are not treated it in the premier stage it will give bad smell to your private part and you will lose your relationship partner. 

4 Severely bent penis

It happened because of the masturbation activity and it will give the curvy shape to your penis. If you are having your penis like this you will not satisfy your lovable one because of its abnormal shape. There is medicine is available to make it as the straight one.   

5 Tiredness

This is the commonly happens one but if you are having the good stamina this will never happen. This kind of problem is mostly happening to the BP patients so that they are taking the minimum dosage pills to improve their private time.

Take the treatment for it

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These are all the 5 Symptoms of Bad Sexual health and it will be cleared with the proper treatment and there is nothing that will restore the value of it. If you are having any of these problems you no need to bother about anything because it is the curable one with the proper medicines. 

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